NFL Quarterback Rankings: Who Is Better Than Average?

The quarterback position is the most important in sports. Either you have a guy who you believe can get you to the Super Bowl or you’re looking for the next guy. We ranked the projected NFL starting quarterbacks 1-32 and next are numbers 9-16. Will one of these guys jump up and win a Super Bowl like Joe Flacco did last year? It’s possible.

9. Robert Griffin, III

Robert Griffin, III had an unbelievable rookie season which helped him to achieve American celebrity status. As difficult as learning a new playbook in a new league was for RG3 last season his sophomore campaign will be even more strenuous as he is coming back from a torn ACL he suffered in the Redskins playoff loss to Seattle. RG3 will have to adjust and play more in the pocket as he took some brutal hits last season. Fortunately, he is a very accurate passer and will be successful in whatever capacity he’s forced into.

10. Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger may have already done enough to warrant a bust in Canton. Unfortunately, his reckless style of play is taking a toll on his body and there are serious concerns whether he can make it through a full season. When Ben is healthy, there isn’t a team he can’t beat as he keeps plays alive longer than anyone in the game and throws a great deep ball. Roethlisberger has played his best football in big games and the Steelers will always be a contender as long as he is under center.

11. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson was the surprise of the NFL last season as he overcame obstacles by first winning the Seahawks starting quarterback job, then leading the team into the playoffs and then to a playoff victory. Wilson is a smart quarterback who runs when he needs to and shows great touch on his throws. Despite being undersized, Wilson looked like a star in his rookie season and should only get better in his second year as the team added Percy Harvin for him to throw to.

12. Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick has started just 10 games in the NFL. He has also led his team to within five yards of a Super Bowl victory. Kaepernick has talent that would make any evaluator drool as he runs like a gazelle and has a Howitzer type of arm. Kaep will have a tougher time in 2013 as there is more film on him and he will be without his favorite target in Michael Crabtree. Colin will likely be asked to go through more reads and progressions in his first full season starting.

13. Tony Romo

Although Tony Romo is blamed for much of the Cowboys deficiencies, he’s more of the reason they win eight games than the reason they usually lose eight games. Romo is mobile, has an above average arm, smart and has a tendency to make big plays which sometimes work against his team. Romo will eventually have to shake the “choker” moniker as he often plays his worst football in the biggest spots.

14. Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler has poor sideline demeanor which lends some fans and outsiders to believe that he doesn’t have heart or that he doesn’t care very much about his team and the game. The truth is that Cutler’s “pouty” faces don’t really have anything to do with his play. Jay has a great arm and is capable of leading his team to great things, as he led the Bears to the NFC title game in his first season in Chicago. Cutler has Pro Bowl talent and should be better in 2013 with Marc Trestman and an upgraded offensive line.

15. Matt Stafford

Matt Stafford isn’t what’s wrong with the Lions, but like the fledgling franchise he has been very up and down. Stafford has great “arm talent”, the best franchise receiver in the game but he seems to be missing that special quality up to this point. Nobody questions the former first-overall picks talent, but if he leads his Lions to another last-place finish questions will abound about his pricey contract extension.

16. Cam Newton

Cam Newton, like his team, struggled at the beginning of 2012 but finished very strong. Cam may be the most exciting quarterback to play since pre-dogfighting Michael Vick. Cam is big, strong, can run and throw and may be the best signal caller that people aren’t really talking about. This may be the year that Cam solidifies his status as a franchise signal caller.

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