NFL Preview: Bucs Players To Emerge in 2014

The NFL Free Agency period had a huge impact on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and as Lovie Smith prepares the team for a new and improved season, some players already with the Bucs, will emerge in a new way.

RB Jeff Demps

Jeff Demps

Demps is an Olympic track runner who earned a silver medal on the USA relay team in 2012. His speed will most definitely be utilized this season, especially since Tampa Bay as a whole, is not very fast.

Expect Demps to bring a new element to the offense. Lovie has expressed interest and excitement for the possibilities of Demps’ quickness. Even though he could be considered small for a running back, Demps will be a solid asset as a wide receiver and a returner.

S Keith Tandy

Keith Tandy

Tandy was drafted to Tampa Bay in 2012 and he has seen time on the field as a safety and a CB. He is a perfect example of a player that the Bucs will use in a bigger way than they have in the past.

Tandy doesn’t quite have the instincts to cover wide receivers so he’ll most likely stay deep, as a safety. With a little more discipline, Tandy could also be an asset in center field.

His playing time will have a lot to do with Mark Barron and Dashon Goldson. Neither of them are strong coverage players so if they don’t improve during the offseason, Tandy could be the man to step up.

TE Tim Wright

Tim Wright

The Bucs acquired Wright last season and they quickly named him as a tight end. He got the starting spot thanks to injuries to Michael Crabtree and Luke Stocker and his playing time proved him to be a key starter.

Expect him to have a bigger role in 2014. The only question is whether Lovie will keep him as a TE. Wright isn’t much of a blocker, but he is extremely valuable in the pass game.

He will be competing with new Bucs player, Brandon Myers, for the starting gig or the Bucs will put him at wide receiver and see how he does.

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