NFL: Preseason Power Rankings

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New England Patriots
We are halfway through the preseason and it’s time to pretend that we know who the best teams in the NFL are. Without any further ado, enjoy Volume I of our NFL Power Rankings.

1. New England Patriots
The Pats are missing 75% of their passing yards from last year but it’s simply not going to matter in the regular season as long as Tom Brady stays healthy.

2. Green Bay Packers
They now have a running game to back up the best quarterback in football.

3. Seattle Seahawks
The defense is better and they won’t lose at home.

4. San Francisco 49ers
Can Colin Kaepernick be effective without his security blanket?

5. Atlanta Falcons
Steven Jackson is an upgrade, but major questions about the defense.

6. Denver Broncos
Peyton Manning looks better than at this time last year.

7. Baltimore Ravens
Their defense will actually be improved without Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

8. Houston Texans
Can Matt Schaub come through in big spots?

9. New York Giants
Major questions at linebacker and in the secondary.

10. Cincinnati Bengals
Only real question is the ceiling of Andy Dalton.

11. Chicago Bears
It will be interesting to see the defense without Urlacher.

12. Dallas Cowboys
If the offensive line is better, the Cowboys will be better than most think.

13. Indianapolis Colts
Andrew Luck will make less mistakes and their schedule isn’t a murderers row.

14. New Orleans Saints
Defense is still a major question mark.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers
If Ben can play 16 games they will make the playoffs.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
If everyone stays healthy this is a good team. A few key injuries can derail the locomotive.

17. Philadelphia Eagles
Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense makes this a very interesting team.

18. St. Louis Rams
Sam Bradford is still a major question mark but the defense is very good.

19. Carolina Panthers
Defense looks a little better but does Cam have enough targets?

20. Washington Redskins
Last year’s worst to first could go back to worst if RG3 isn’t the same guy.
Arizona Cardinals- Defense is very good but how much does Carson Palmer have left?

21. Arizona Cardinals
Defense is very good but how much does Carson Palmer have left?

22. Miami Dolphins
The loss of Dustin Keller was huge for Ryan Tannehill. Still questions at left tackle.

23. Cleveland Browns
They’re probably the worst team in their division but they look improved.

24. Kansas City Chiefs
They upgraded nearly everywhere and they could finish .500 in that division. Still not a great team. Minnesota Vikings- Adrian Peterson will run for a lot of yards….and they will still lose a lot of games.

25. Minnesota Vikings
Adrian Peterson will run for a lot of yards….and they will still lose a lot of games.

26. Detroit Lions
Their secondary is still bad and they play in a very good division.

27. San Diego Chargers
Which position group on this team is even above average?

28. New York Jets
Lame duck coach plus lame duck quarterback equals disaster waiting to happen.

29. Buffalo Bills
Not a ton of talent but they could be a fun team to watch in Doug Marrone’s offense.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars
Gus Bradley will have them compete most weeks but they don’t have much talent.

31. Tennessee Titans
Bad coaching plus bad quarterback equals…..Jadaveon Clowney?

32. Oakland Raiders
Not enough offensive talent to compete. They will be on the clock soon for Teddy Bridgewater.