NFL Executives: “It’s a Bad Year for Tight Ends”

Eric Ebron

In this 2014 draft  class, it seems that all eyes have been on the big-name QBs and strong offensive linemen. Well, there’s a reason for that and NFL executives are not being shy about it. This year’s class of tight ends is very weak. Just ask them.

According to, North Carolina’s Eric Ebron is taking the blunt of the blasts. Even though Ebron is the draft’s top TE prospect, an AFC personnel exec said that he’s just okay. says that this exec claims that Ebron is overrated.

“He’s OK. He’s completely overrated, and he’s a pain in the (butt), and don’t ask him to block anybody, because he’s not going to do it.”

Ebron is projected to be selected around No. 9 and he could go to the Buffalo Bills, New York Giants or Baltimore Ravens. But, Ebron isn’t the only tight end under fire right now.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins, a former Washington player, is a potential second-round pick and he’s faced harsh criticism, too.

The AFC exec told that he’s even more overrated than Ebron.

“He’s more overrated and a bigger pain in the (butt) than the other guy. And he blocks like a wide receiver. I don’t want any part of him.”

That’s pretty harsh. But, it doesn’t stop there. The same NFL executive has gone through and criticized each and every draft prospect. He is not impressed. He has found faults in everyone, from first-rounder Jace Amaro to second-rounder Troy Niklas.

He admits it’s a bad year for tight ends and there aren’t any players who can be compared to last year’s prospects.

We get it. The tight ends are stretched pretty thin and the talent isn’t all there compared to last year, but can these players catch a break?

I guess the world will find out on May 8th, during the NFL Draft ceremony.

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