NFL Draft Day Movie Pays The League

The movie, Draft Day stars Kevin Costner and it’s supposed to be a realistic story about the NFL Draft. Darren Rovell of ESPN reports that from the movie, the NFL receives revenues for allowing the producers of the movie to use NFL trademarks and logos.

It’s unclear as to how much the league will receive, but the amount will be pretty substantial, unless the movie gets terrible reviews and doesn’t sell a single ticket…not likely to happen.

Some reviews have already been released and a few suggest that Draft Day portrays positive picture of the NFL that is unrealistic. According to Pro Football Talk, things became a little sticky when trying to get the NFL’s blessing on it. They delivered a script that portrayed the NFL the way the NFL wants to be portrayed.  Even thought they were aiming for the ultimate reality in the movie, too much reality wouldn’t be good for league business, nor would it pay as much.

Everyone loves a feel-good movie, right?

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