NFL Analyst Mike Mayock: “There’s a Chance 6 Wideouts Go in First Round”

Mike Mayock
On Thursday, Mike Mayock of the NFL Network held a teleconference to discuss the 2014 NFL Draft. He talked about his predictions and what crazy things could happen next Thursday night.

On the Baltimore Ravens:

“They are the best drafting team at No. 17. They rarely stay at their number and there’s a good possibility of that happening. If they can’t go anywhere, the first thing I would look at is if there’s a safety there. I think Ha Ha Clinton Dix will be gone by then. They’re at 17 so they want to get a guy on their board…there could be a guy like Brandin Cook, I think the tackle board will be decimated. The other person could be C.J. Mosely, the inside linbacker from Alabama.”

The Safety class is not that great.  What do the Eagles do if they want to get a safety?

“I think Clinton Dix will definitely be off the board. I think they’re looking for a guy who can play strong or free safety. Lamarcus Joiner from Florida State can do that. After that, theres a bunch of guys who can play corner or safety. Those are the kind of guys who would be appealing to the Eagles.”

In terms of second tier receivers, who do you see emerging midway through the first round?

“I think there’s a chance that 6 wideouts go in the first round. I think in the next round it will be wideouts that you weren’t expecting. Cook is smaller receiver but may be the most explosive, he’s tough.”

The Jets are at 18 so most people think it will be corner or receiver…

“It’s really interesting because right around that point there’s a lot of receiver needs. From a corner perspective, the Jets could get Kyle Fuller…it all depends. It could be Odell Beckham and that would be a really good value for them.”

With no runningbacks selected in the first round last year, do you see that position being devalued?

“There’s no doubt that its devalued. It’s because of it being flipped upside down 30 years ago. Now, everyone throws the ball 40 times a game. Its really intriguing that the two best teams from last year–Seattle and 49ers–they asked their QBS to make most of the plays. The two best teams utilized the tailback in the run game. But right now, I don’t even have a runningback that will go in the first round. I don’t think any of them are going in the first round.”

What do you think of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ No. 7 pick?

“I think Tampa Bay is in a really good place to get a really good football player. From my perspective, a great pick would be Sammy Watkins. If Watkins went there, that would be phenomenal. With a tight end, [Eric] Ebron could end up there too. Either way, if you got a play maker to help that offense, it would be awesome. They’re in a good place.”