NFL Allows Changes for Replay System

There is new centralized replay system in town. Officially known as Rules Proposal 9, this new system will feature feeds from all of the games as well as the ability to communicate with officials through a headset as a referee views replays using the sideline monitors. NFL owners voted Tuesday to use this system to make decisions on replay reviews.

The referee now will have the ability to consult with the NFL Officiating Command Center in New York as the referee views the replay at the game site. The referee will still make the final call on the play.

NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino told ESPN that it is still up to the refs.

 “It’s still a referee review; he has the ultimate authority. We’ll come to a consensus, we’re certainly not going to let him make a mistake, but the referee has the final authority on the call.”

Blandino said the system would allow the play in question to be evaluated by those at the league office even before the referee made it to the sideline monitor. Once at the sideline monitor, the referee could then communicate with Blandino and his staff.

“It will be a discussion, we’ll consult,” Blandino said. “We’ll give him the information because we’ll have already started looking at it before he even gets under the hood and we can give him our input, put him in the right position to make the right call and we’ll have discussion and come to a conclusion.”

Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League currently use some form of a centralized replay system.

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