NFC East Over/Unders

The NFL Draft has been completed, most of the impact moves in free agency have been made months ago and the 2013 schedule is out. Perhaps most importantly, Las Vegas has weighed in and set the over/unders for each NFL team. We are going to take a look at each team, division-by-division and speculate on whether they will finish better or worse than their numbers show.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys- Over/Under- 8.5 Wins

Is this bettable? In a word, no. The Dallas Cowboys are a solid team with great flash at the skill positions with Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and Jason Witten. However, do you really trust these guys in big games? How about medium games? The ‘Boys will challenge the 8-9 victory barrier yet again but if the division or playoffs are on the line in the last couple weeks you simply can’t trust Romo and the ‘Boys. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, less shame on you and more on me. If I get fooled by the Dallas Cowboys for a third straight year, i’m the idiot.

New York Giants- Over/Under- 9 Wins

Is this bettable? It is bettable. The New York Giants are flying very low under the radar after having a solid draft yet again. Add in the probable returns of wideouts Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz and this offense should be explosive again. They may have lost Osi Umenyiora but still have one of the game’s best pass rushers in Jason Pierre-Paul. If you bet the over the worst you should do is a push.

Philadelphia Eagles- Over/Under- 7 Wins

Is this bettable? In a word, yes. The Eagles have some talent in spots but how much do you trust Chip Kelly on the NFL level? On top of that, how much do you trust Michael Vick? How about Nick Foles? Matt Barkley? Philly doesn’t have the trigger man to pull out a .500 season and the smart money is on the under.

Washington Redskins- Over/Under- 8 Wins

Is this bettable? In a word, no. The Washington Redskins go as Robert Griffin goes and at this point nobody knows how his knee will respond to the offseason and even if he’s healthy, we don’t know what RG3 will be like as a pure pocket passer with the threat of less running. Alfred Morris likely won’t gain 1,600 yards in his second season and that defense was exposed late in the year. If RG3 is 100% this team can win 10. If he’s not they probably win 5. It’s simply too volatile to wager.

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