New York Jets Players Looking for Love…on Tinder


Having trouble finding a date? Can’t seem to meet the right person? Have you resorted to dating apps in an effort to meet that special someone?

You aren’t alone. Several members of the New York Jets share your dilemma and have resulted to creating online dating profiles on Tinder.

Except in this alternate universe, 28-year-old Breno Giacomini is not a 318-pound offensive tackle, but a construction worker.

His teammate, tight end Chris Pantale, 24, also does not disclose his profession in his Tinder profile. He told the Wall Street Journal, “I want them to get to know me as a person.”

Apparently 11  Jets players use the free app, which allows users to browse profiles of people within a 100 mile radius.

As of right now, that would be Cortland, New York, where the Jets hold camp every year. It’s a city of approximately 19,000 people.

If you live nearby and meet specific criteria, you may just hear from cornerback Kyle Wilson, 27, who’s also on Tinder. How does he approach the ladies?

“I’m a pretty straightforward guy. If you’re interested, just say what comes to your mind,” he said. “‘Hey, how you doing?’ Get to know them, so you feel what they say back, and go from there.”

So ladies, if you receive a message like that from Wilson, you may just land yourself a date.

No word yet on any possible Rex Ryan rule violations as the result of Tinder, but considering it’s still camp and they don’t see the Patriots until Oct. 16, we don’t see how it’s a problem.