Most Expensive Game for Week 5

saints_2013The cheapest ticket to the Chicago-New Orleans game on Sunday is $205 on Stubhub.

Speaking of cheap tickets, the two lowest ticket prices from last week were in Jacksonville ($12.71) and St. Louis ($15).
So what happens when those two teams play each other like they do this week? Tickets drop to $9.50.

That’s right, if you have $205 on you, you can buy one ticket to the Bears-Saints game or 21 tickets to the Jaguars-Rams game. Or you could buy 10 tickets to the Jaguars-Rams game and spend the leftover money on a Matt Schaub jersey in case you accidentally set yours on fire last week. Or you could just not go to a game and go to Cheesecake Factory instead, $205 goes a long way there. Kind of.

Source: John Breech, CBS Sports