Mariotti Show: Thursday September 26th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on September 26, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 26, 2013:
Jay says it’s time to put football on pause for a moment and whet the postseason baseball appetite. He’s sad that Mariano Rivera won’t be part of October, the month that helped define his career as the greatest closer in the history of his sport (and all sports), and he pays tribute to a humble, dignified ambassador who never has had a bad word uttered about him, even while playing 19 years in the New York heat lamp. Jay sets the possible schedule for next week and looks at the hot teams — St. Louis and Tampa Bay — though still projecting the Dodgers and Red Sox as the World Series matchup that America most wants. Jay doesn’t understand why the Braves are getting into petty spats with Carlos Gomez with the playoffs so near. When the Rays again proceed toward the playoffs despite a low payroll and do it with their trademark brand of high-efficiency, sound-fundamental, fun-with-Joe-Maddon looseness, it’s fascinating to see it on display in a hushed Yankee Stadium as the Yankees fade from postseason view. Jay says Evan Longoria is getting hit at the right time and will have to carry the Rays offensively. Jay is angry that the fan violence surrounding Dodgers-Giants rivalry in California continues to escalate — a fan wearing Dodgers gear was stabbed to death near the Giants’ stadium after Wednesday night’s game, which comes 2 1/2 years after a Giants fan suffered a traumatic brain injury after he was beaten outside Dodger Stadium by two men in Dodgers gear. Jay says the one aspect of Rivera’s dignified career that doesn’t gibe is the “Enter Sandman” theme by Metallica, which he plays on the air while reciting the eerie lyrics.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 26, 2013:

Jay says Jim Harbaugh is in his first crisis period as 49ers coach — Colin Kaepernick confused, no punishing running game, no run defense, Aldon Smith in alcohol rehab, Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis hurt — and doesn’t see a rebound game tonight in St. Louis. Jay recalls how Chip Kelly once was wooed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he thinks Josh Freeman’s lax work habits and slow-motion thought process would have clashed with Kelly’s quick pace anyway. Jay says coach Greg Schiano is on a 13-game trial to keep his job, and it’s tied into how quickly he and his staff develop rookie QB Mike Glennon. The fact the Bucs were pursuing Carson Palmer in the offseason again points to their lack of confidence in Freeman, something that should have been corrected with a bigger QB offseason move. Jay again applauds Ray Lewis for speaking his mind as an ESPN commentator and says the Ravens should stop criticizing their former teammate and devote more attention to Jacoby Jones, his party bus and the stripper named Sweet Pea who conked him over the head with the bottle. Jay can’t believe Jason Pierre-Paul of the Giants is guaranteeing a victory in Kansas City when his team is in disarray. Jay is happy that Manti Te’o is making his NFL debut and doing well after he was assaulted unfairly by the media in his Internet catfishing scam.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 26, 2013:

Jay discusses the murky, complicated future of the Yankees and all their issues. He says you can’t meet Robbie Cano’s demand of $305 million, even if Yankee Stadium needs marquee attractions. Joe Girardi, Derek Jeter, the Alex Rodriguez legal circus — what a mess ahead. Jay resets the football docket and wonders why college kids are leaving student sections empty at major college football stadiums, including Alabama and Georgia. Is it because they party too much? Maybe, it’s also about wi-fi reception, believe it or not, and kids being tethered to their phones. How pathetic, he says. Jay says Alabama could have trouble against Ole Miss, and says the Crimson Tide would lose if the game was on the road. Jay wonders how Ohio State’s Urban Meyer will handle his two-QB situation against Wisconsin. Zach Mettenberger might have been the starter at Georgia, not Aaron Murray, had he not been thrown off the team in 2010; now, he returns to Athens as the LSU star in a huge game. Notre Dame has taken a step backward this season and isn’t the same team that pulverized Oklahoma last year.

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