Mariotti Show Recap: Tuesday, Nov. 5th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on November 5, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 5, 2013:
The Richie Incognito workplace harassment/intimidation story is front and center, with Jay finding much fault with the Dolphins for enabling the bully within and not putting and end to the abuse long ago. Just because Jonathan Martin didn’t step forward and alert the coaches — perhaps he feared retribution or being viewed as a squealer in that environment — doesn’t mean coach Joe Philbin is off the hook; after all, it’s his locker room. It’s too little, too late from Dolphins management, which let this abuse pattern fester for more than a year. There is a major difference between rookie hazing (carrying shoulder pads, singing fight songs) and sending vicious, racially heavy voice messages and texts. A great piece in the New York Times outlines how Martin and Incognito are polar opposites — Martin is a Stanford guy who majored in classics and has two parents with Harvard degrees, Incognito is a Jersey kid. Just getting rid of Incognito won’t be enough — bullying is a major social issue in America, and commissioner Roger Goodell needs to make a statement knowing kids watch the NFL in droves. Jay is puzzled that so many Dolphins players, several of whom are African-American, would continue to defend Incognito in the wake of his N-word-filled voicemail to Martin. Apparently, Incognito calls Martin “The Big Weirdo.” Wouldn’t that wear on anyone? Philbin made the mistake of saying “laughter” is good in a locker room; not in the context of belittlement, it isn’t. The Red Sox just showed us the right way to be little boys, rally around a larger cause (Boston Strong) and win a championship. This is the wrong way.


Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 5, 2013:
Jay cautions Gary Kubiak to take his time before returning to the Texans. They say he suffered a “mini-stroke,” but Jay says nothing is “mini” about a “stroke” and doesn’t want Kubiak returning to a 2-6 team going nowhere in an angry city where fans have cheered when Matt Schaub got hurt, stalked his house and burned his jersey. There is a major difference between Kubiak’s situation and John Fox’s — the Broncos are gunning for a Super Bowl, and interim coach Jack Del Rio has his hands full as the coordinator of an underachieving defense assuming a head coach’s overall responsibilities. Del Rio has a rough three-week stretch of two Kansas City games sandwiched around a game at New England.If Del Rio struggles, the clamor for Fox will be loud, and Jay’s guess is, he’ll be back in December, the way Chuck Pagano returned to the Colts last season after fighting leukemia. Jay says the Packers got greedy in thinking Aaron Rodgers could stay healthy forever without a serious backup; now, Detroit becomes the NFC North favorite, providing the Lions beat Chicago in a Sunday showdown. Jay lauds Bears coach Marc Trestman for his game plan and thinks he should stick with Josh McCown, even if Jay Cutler is ready to return. Jay can’t believe Eagles coach Chip Kelly is playing mind games with Nick Foles and isn’t making him the firm starter after throwing seven TD passes; what does Kelly want, 11? Jay runs through the best and worst NFL coaches and MVP candidates as the season’s second half begins.


Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: November 5, 2013:
Jay whets the appetite for the biggest Thursday night in college football history. Florida State and Ohio State should throw Stanford pep rallies, because without a Cardinal victory over Oregon, it’s going to be difficult for either to crack the top two and reach the BCS title game in Pasadena. Oregon is smarting from last year’s Stanford upset that knocked the Ducks out of the national title picture — D’Anthony Thomas vows to score 40 this time, the same Thomas whose missed block killed Oregon in the last Stanford game. Baylor, with its 60-point offense, would be a classic X-factor team in a four-team playoff; Jay wonders if the selection committee would pick Baylor or Ohio State in the same scenario next year. Jay resets the Incognito and Kubiak stories and says Kubiak has been released from the hospital, with the Texans wisely announcing no timetable for his return. Jay talks about baseball free agency and says the Yankees should immediately steal Jacoby Ellsbury from the Red Sox the way they stole Johnny Damon years ago. Jay says the Red Sox have forged a blueprint for mid-range signings and expects others to employ that strategy. Robinson Cano and agent Jay-Z won’t get their $300 million — the Dodgers have signed a Cuban second baseman for 1/10th that amount — but the Yankees are forced to resign him amid a restless fan base who wonder where the team is headed after another Boston championship.


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