Mariotti Show: Monday September 23th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on September 23, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 23, 2013:
Jay says Week 3 defines emerging winners and losers in the NFL, and points to the 49ers as a shocking example of a team that went awry in a hurry. The double whammy of the Seattle rout and Aldon Smith’s arrest, coupled with injuries and dismal play by Colin Kaepernick and the offense, has placed Jim Harbaugh in his first crisis period in San Francisco. Smith should not have played Sunday, and he needs to spend the near future straightening out his substance-abuse issues. Smith and Von Miller are two gifted pass-rushers who are sabotaging their teams, Jay says, and both should be required to sit in a room and watch the Showtime documentary on the triumph and tragedy of Lawrence Taylor. Jay can’t believe the NFL suspended Miller for only six games after allegedly swapping urine tests with the help of an NFL collector — he should have been suspended for a year, and Jay wonders if the league gave the Broncos a break because it doesn’t want the Peyton Manning-playing-in-a-New-York Super Bowl angle ruined by the team’s best defensive player losing a full year. Jay gives the dismal numbers about 0-3 teams — only five have made the playoffs since 1978, three since 1990 — and says none of the six will make history this season. He is shocked that the Giants are so miserable, and while Tom Coughlin will be blamed as usual, despite his two Super Bowl rings, the front office deserves blame for allowing the offensive line and running game to break down so quickly, leaving Eli Manning exposed to constant pressure. The Redskins are 0-3 because Robert Griffin III is not the same quarterback, thanks to the reconstructive knee surgery required after Mike Shanahan continued to let a limping Griffin play in the postseason game — something that will tarnish Shanahan’s coaching legacy.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 23, 2013:
Jay applauds the 3-0 teams. Sean Payton is no hero and deserved the one-year suspension — the Saints’ pay-for-hurts bounty scandal happened on his CEO watch — but he is worth 2-3 extra victories a year, as much as any other coach in the NFL. Jay applauds Payton for hiring Rob Ryan, who has firmed up the worst statistical defense in NFL history. Jay thinks Payton and Andy Reid are the early kings of the season, and also praised Chicago’s Marc Trestman, who was hired from Canadian League obscurity but has done the impossible so far — transform Jay Cutler from a whiny underachiever into a borderline-elite quarterback. Jay says Cutler should be watched closely this season as a potential free agent. A lot of 0-3 and 1-2 teams are going to need quarterbacks — Cleveland (which didn’t tank Sunday with Brian Hoyer), Tampa Bay, Arizona, Minnesota and Jacksonville among them. Jay thinks Cincinnati easily will win the AFC North with new weapons and was impressed by the comeback. Green Bay still has defensive issues — Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy went at it on the sideline — and Jay isn’t happy that his AFC pick for the Super Bowl, the Texans, has looked sluggish so far. Jay thinks the Steelers were due for a rut after years of sustained success; it happens to every team at some point. Jay repeats: Tampa Bay is a hopeless, dysfunctional outfit that will need a new quarterback and coach at season’s end. Jay praises Trestman and Miami’s Joe Philbin as no-name coaches who have done good jobs so far. Jay switches to baseball and gushed uncontrollably about the “Maddoning” weekend of the Tampa Bay Rays, who survived an 18-inning win with players wearing Chewbacca and Gene Simmons masks, won again a few hours later, then knocked the Orioles out of the wild-card race with a starting pitcher called up Saturday after he’d Tweeted that he would pitch; this stuff only happens in the wonderful world of Joe Maddon, and aren’t we glad it does. As predicted by Jay, Cleveland has an easy schedule and will win one of the wild cards. It’s up to Tampa to win on the road in New York and Toronto, and the Rays are not nearly the road team that Texas is.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 23, 2013:
Jay launches college football discussion and says Alabama still looks vulnerable. The season is veering toward milestone games that will determine who’s in the championship hunt, and if LSU takes care of Georgia in the Zach Mettenberger Bowl, then the next month will be spent discussing the LSU-Alabama showdown. Ohio State has a tough Big 10 perfecta in Wisconsin and Northwestern, and Jay doesn’t think the Buckeyes will win both. Florida State and Clemson are gearing up for their mid-October showdown. Oregon-Stanford will be huge in early November. Jay mentions Johnny Footnote, that’s it. Jay thinks college football players marking their uniforms with protest signs — yes, they want to be paid — should realize what those four-year scholarship rides are worth. They should be paid from the big pot of gold shared by the major programs, conferences, TV networks and NCAA, but how will the money be distributed? Jay interviews Indianapolis Colts’ radio analyst and former NFL quarterback Jim Sorgi about the Colts, the Trent RIchardson deal, Andrew Luck and the man he backed up for years, Peyton Manning. Jay says most of the NFL talk this week will center about the 49ers and RGIII.

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