Mariotti Show: Friday September 27th

Missed part of the show? Here’s a rewind of the program on September 27, 2013.

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Hour One on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 27, 2013:
Jay wasn’t expecting to pay tribute to Mariano RIvera one more time, but the ceremony last night was an all-timer in its warmth, emotion, tears and Broadway potency. Few of us were around for the Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth tributes, but this one had to rank right there in history, if not bigger, with the stone-faced, impenetrable closer breaking down for several minutes when Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter came out to remove him for the last time. It wasn’t just the end of RIvera — it was the end of a Yankees era that brought five World Series titles between 1996 and 2009, which probably won’t happen much in future baseball eras. While the Yankees’ future is more complicated than ever — Robinson Cano’s $305-million demand, Joe Girardi, Jeter, Alex Rodriguez’s full-out-assault appeal against Major League Baseball and the Yankees — the Little Team That Could never has looked prouder. The Tampa Bay way of doing business — continuing to maximize limited resources — was almost embarrassing to the Yankee Way in Yankee Stadium, as the Rays head into October and the Yankees pay their huge luxury-tax bill. Jay says the Rays need to lock up the No. 1 wild-card so they can breathe before the one-game playoff, probably against Cleveland (which has closer issues) on Wednesday. Jay shifted the show to the tragic story in San Francisco — a Dodgers fan fatally stabbed by a Giants fan near AT&T Park — and says it’s deplorable that human beings can’t put sport in its proper perspective. Why did so many people die in stadiums, either from violence and falling out of upper decks? Jay lives in L.A. and can’t believe so much sports-related violence takes place in California when American sports psychosis usually is centered on the East Coast. Jay criticizes Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson, the former Giant, for confronting the Giants’ CEO about a championship-ring dispute amid the pall of the fatal stabbing.

Hour Two on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 27, 2013:

Jay says the 49ers passed their crisis test because they are extemely well-coached and focused, going back to a pounding running game to rout a lame St. Louis team. Colin Kaepernick was impressive as a game manager, keeping his poise in the face of haters on his Twitter account whom he somehow chose to “favorite” this week. The 49ers still should win a wild-card berth because of their coaching and physicality as players gradually return to the lineup. Jay says the read-option quickly has become a relic as defensive coordinators adjust. The QBs progressing from last year’s sensational young class are Russell WIlson and Andrew Luck, and Jay says Robert Griffin III has become a victim of the awful decision to let him stay in the playoff game with a dangling leg. Griffin may never be the same as an effective runner, which makes the read-option obsolete and reduces him to an erratic passing QB. The Shanahans haven’t adjusted to the adjustments and may not keep their jobs if the Redskins lose 10-11 games. Jay thinks St. Louis QB Sam Bradford should give back his $50-million guaranteed deal. Jay makes his NFL picks and says the Houston-Seattle and Detroit-Chicago games will be the best of the weekend. Jay hopes and prays that MLB hires the polar opposite of Bud Selig as its next commissioner and addresses the reality that baseball has become the fourth sport in America, behind the NFL, college football and the NBA. Only the DVR era in TV — and the premium placed on live sports entertainment and accompanying advertising — has allowed baseball to be flush with money, which has nothing to do with Selig. The stars need to be marketed — can you think of one MLB player with a national commercial profile anywhere close to Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or LeBron James? Think out of the box and hire Bob Costas. It’ll never happen because the MLB owners are stuffy old-farts who want a yes man.

Hour Three on The Jay Mariotti Show: September 27, 2013:

Jay says the science of young NFL QBs is inexact and maddening. He scolds the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for threatening to reduce Josh Freeman to No. 3 on the depth chart because he did an ESPN interview, and says all that does is make him less desirable to a potential trade partner. They’re trying to make him the total scapegoat when they’ve done plenty of dumb things themselves as the league’s dysfunction kings. Jay blames the Bucs for allowing the Freeman project to linger for four years in an immediate-gratification league at the QB position. Jay analyzes the four big college football games this weekend, and says Alabama is vulnerable to an Ole Miss team with an impressive defensive front, skill-position talent and contributing freshmen whom Alabama wanted and couldn’t land. Jay is pulling for LSU at Georgia to set up an Alabama-LSU unbeaten showdown in November. Jay says the fact EA Sports is settling the class-action suit by former and current players who want likeness compensation is another bad sign for the ever-weakening NCAA. Jay says USC shouldn’t expect to have its scholarship penalities eased because the NCAA punished Penn State for a morality issue, while USC was punished for blatantly breaking the rules. Jay says he’s going to a Lumineers concert at the Greek Theater to chill out.

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