Manziel Hot Dog Claims are Bogus, Crazy Hoax

Johnny Manziel
Well, the news that Johnny Manziel sent naked photos to a woman and is now being sued for millions of dollars, has taken the internet by storm. Even though there are legal documents claiming these things, multiple sources say that it is a hoax. Not that you needed multiple sources to explain the obvious.

The woman listed as the plaintiff is TV show host Samantha Schacher and she took to Twitter to clear the air.

Schacher told TMZ that she was very shocked to hear about this when she woke up this morning. She claims she has never even met Manziel.

The entire story is completely crazy, claiming that he did a naked dance on a Disney World ride, asked for a threesome with TV personality Dr. Drew, and the list goes on.

This makes me wonder why this claim got approved by the court in the first place. Is there evidence presented that shows proof this happened, before it hit the media stream?

Luckily the claims are so outrageous that people are poking fun at it. No one will hold this against Johnny Football. But what about Schacher?

Remember when Erin Andrews was involved with a stalker who drilled a hole in her hotel bathroom to see her naked? Well, that story inked her name everywhere and her career went on blast off mode after that. Will the same happen for Schacher?

Who knows? What I do know is that grocery stores in Cleveland should take after the Jameis Winston crab jokes and slap a Johnny Football logo on their weiners.

Just saying…