Making Sense of the Madness Surrounding the Bucs: What to Believe?

You’ve heard the reports about the Buccaneers, and there are plenty of them — Greg Schiano’s players are fed up him, Josh Freeman and Greg Schiano are at odds with one another, Josh Freeman wants to be traded, and now Darrelle Revis is an unhappy Buc —  what are fans to believe?


I joined Eric Lopez on Sports Talk 1040 and 1080 this morning to make sense of all the madness. What’s true and what isn’t? What’s being blown out of proportion?

We talked about how Greg Schiano made an effort between last year and this year to adjust his coaching style to better deal with older players. Is it working?

We talked about Dashon Goldson’s suspension, what the chances are that he wins his appeal, and how players can adjust to these new rules by lowering their trajectory, which isn’t exactly an easy thing to do, especially when guys are running around full-speed on Sundays.

We talked about the rumors swirling about Josh Freeman and Greg Schiano and if Freeman really does want out. I’ve mentioned it plenty of times before — you have two distinctly different personalities here. Can they co-exist? Is Schiano fully committed to him after some rocky moments these first two games, or is there a possibility Glennon gets a nod after the bye-week?

Aside from the Schiano reports, there’s no denying Freeman and the offense’s struggles. The big question is — will Schiano have patience for them to get rolling and find a rhythm or does he pull the plug?

Eric and I also talk about our observations from Bucs-Saints, including the kicking woes. Is Rian Lindell still the guy?

For answers to all these questions and more, listen here:

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