Lance Briggs Talks Bears, Blackened Salmon, and Dinobots

The Power Hour Interview: Chicago Bears LB Lance Briggs

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs is most known for destroying offenses but during Monday night’s show, The Power Hour, Briggs was sounding off on his love for superheroes and how he merges football in his comics.

Briggs also commented on what it will be like to face Lovie Smith and the Bucs this season.

“For us, it’s just another game. We need to stack as many wins as we can to win our division and to create the best possible post season for ourselves to make that championship run, but for a man like Lovie who’s coached in Chicago and Chicago’s mean’t so much to him, I think it will be different for him, being on the other side of the sideline against the Bears. Yeah know? It’ll be different for him.”

Briggs went on to talk to host Matt Sardo about the Bears’ defense this year and what he expects, come August.

When asked about diversity in comics, Briggs says that it’s constantly growing.

“I think there’s an avenue for everyone. You can go as dark as “Darkness” or go as easy as “Archie Comics,” you know? There’s something for everyone. You really can start to see it in movies and TV shows because comic books are really taking over that whole arena. I think we are kind of peaking, as far as comics go.”

Aside from comics and football, Briggs can find his way around the kitchen. He talked to co-host Amanda Borges about his love for the Food Network and who his favorite celebrity chef is.


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