Johnny Manziel Being Sued for $25M for Naked Photos

We’re not sure how real this lawsuit is but it’s pretty crazy.

A woman in Florida is suing Johnny Manziel for $25 million for sending photos to her. According to her, Manziel has been calling her “non stop” since Valentine’s Day 2013 and sending Instagram photos of himself with a hotdog bun between his genitals, saying, “Ho, Ho, Ho…”

According to Deadspin, Manziel told the woman that if she thought his penis was small, he would get an enlargement once he made it to the NFL.

Manziel refers to his genitals as his Vienna Sausage and told the woman that things come in small packages.

This is pretty juicy stuff but it’s almost obvious that it’s all made up.

Or, is it?

Well, Manziel’s agent obviously isn’t too happy about this. Who would be?

Here’s the whole document, if you care to read the legal words for taking pictures of your self…

Samantha Schacher v Johnny Manziel