John Harbaugh Calls Ravens’ Trouble with Law “Silliness”


The Baltimore Ravens haven’t had a lot to smile about lately. From Ray Rice’s assault charge, to rookie RB Lorenzo Taliaferro’s arrest for being drunk in public, players are messing up left and right.

What does coach John Harbaugh think about all of these antics? He should classify them as terrible, eye-opening, and foolish mistakes. But, instead, he thinks they are silly.

At a news conference Thursday, Harbaugh said he’s disappointed.

“I’m disappointed in some of the silliness that’s going on. Guys are young. But a couple of things we told them yesterday was…while you may be 22, 23, 25, 26, it’s not like you’re 22- and 23-year-old buddies. You’re not in the same position they’re in.”

Well, the Ravens better get their “silly” acts together before they actually land in jail or they aren’t allowed to play professionally anymore.

These are serious offenses and I don’t think people are taking this lightly.

Harbaugh better tell his players to get their act together before the season starts.

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