JJ Watt is “Too Busy” to Chug Beers and Have a Personal Life…And He’s Still Awesome

Just when you think the ‘generation of entitlement’ mentality has claimed a majority of today’s young players in the NFL, former Chargers and Vikings linebacker Ben Leber offered a friendly reminder that the old ‘lunch pail’ mentality still exists.

JJ Watt doesn't have time to drink beer or have a girlfriend

Leber tweeted out this excerpt from a story on Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, who has made no secret about his devotion to football, including not having time for a girlfriend or other seemingly-normal activities that might appeal to a 25-year-old guy.

Instead, his life is centered around eating, sleeping, practicing and watching film — whatever will make him better on the football field. Oh, and occasionally making the days of little 6-year-old girls who idolize him.

Leber hopes other young players are paying attention.

Considering the negative attention players like Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel have received for partying, including recent photos of him possibly doing questionable things in Las Vegas bathrooms, Watt’s perspective is both refreshing and awesome.

Keep doing you, JJ.