Jim Schwartz Couldn’t Stop Dez Bryant

Jim_Schwartz_2013Dez Bryant’s play on Sunday in Detroit was overshadowed by the play of Calvin Johnson, and by Bryant’s own sideline antics. But it should be pointed out that Bryant did, in fact, turn in a big game and nearly lead the Cowboys to a victory over the Lions.

Detroit coach Jim Schwartz said the Lions made stopping Bryant the focal point of their defense, and that they were double covering Bryant on both of his touchdown passes. According to Schwartz, the Lions were using the coverage they thought would force Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo to go to other receivers, but Bryant beat them anyway.

“We were doubling Dez Bryant just about the entire game and he still made two touchdown catches,” Schwartz said. “Both of them, he was doubled. One of them was an over-under zone, and the other was a true double man. And he kept on making a play on us.”

Source: Michael David Smith, NBC Sports