Jason Licht on Carl Nicks: If He Were Able to Play, It Would’ve Been a Bonus for Us

Now that the news of Carl Nicks’ departure from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has taken the center of attention, GM Jason Licht is speaking out about the situation.

He told us during training camp that everything was done in a very amicable manner and they just want what is best for Nicks. Licht also said that the same goes for him– Nicks has been very professional throughout this process and he just wanted what was best for the team.

Licht said that Nicks is an elite player and if he had decided to play this season, he would have been exposed. When an injury set him back a couple years ago, he’s had problems ever since.

Licht also mentioned that Nicks isn’t the Michael Jordan of football, but it’s pretty easy to compare the two. It’s easy to see that the Bucs will miss Nicks and what he brought to the team.

There is no word on who will replace him, but there will be a tough competition during camp.