Winston’s Hilarious Horse-Racing Reference

Bucs QB Jameis Winston Week 1 vs Titans

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston took the podium Wednesday to talk about this weekend’s season opener against the Tennessee Titans. The result? We heard everything from his pregame rituals (green beans and purple Powerade) and expectations for the Titans to his an interesting analogy involving him, Marcus Mariota and racehorses. He even makes a horse noise…and it’s hysterical.

“When I view Marcus, he’s just a great guy. We don’t really talk that much, but it’s like two horses at the racetrack. When the alpha sees another alpha, they just [snorting noise] and they go on about their business. He’s just a great person and you can’t take anything away from him. I’m always smiling and stuff, but he’s just a great guy.”