Is it Time to Pull the Plug on Greg Schiano?

Bucs fan sign at Bucs Eagles

It’s never a good time to fire an NFL head coach, especially when it’s not even mid-season. But Bucs fans made it loud and clear Sunday, booing head coach Greg Schiano as he left the field Sunday, that they are fed up with losing.

After an 0-5 start and dropping 10 of the team’s last 11 games dating back to last year, is it time to part ways with him?

I joined Eric Lopez on Sports Talk 1040 and 1080 AM today to talk about Schiano’s status with the team and at what point the Glazers would let him go. Eric seemed to think the Glazers would wait until the end of the season. While traditionally that’s been the case, I argued that letting Schiano go now would allow them a head start on finding a new coach.

It took three weeks after the Glazers fired Raheem Morris before naming a new head coach. Schiano’s staff wasn’t fully assembled until March, which was after the NFL Scouting Combine and not ideal. If the Glazers have decided that Schiano is no longer part of the team’s future, it may behoove them make that decision now to get first dibs.

Eric and I talked about the Bucs’ 31-20 loss to the Eagles and what went wrong, as well as the Bucs’ use of cornerback Darrelle Revis in more of a zone defense versus man-to-man coverage, which is his strength.

You can listen to our conversation here: