Hey Jaguars, You Need To Start Bortles Now

If the Jaguars wanted a bright future, it’s now staring them right in the face. Blake Bortles and his incredible arm are exactly what this team needs to be as awesome as they want to be this year.

But, there is something holding them back– Chad Henne. Don’t get me wrong, Henne is a solid quarterback who has done awesome things during his NFL tenure. However, it’s easy to see that he has hit his ceiling and it’s time for someone to take his place.

The Jaguars have been very confident in saying that Henne will get the start this season and Bortles will sit. I caught up Bortles after the draft, and even he said he would be fine holding the clipboard for a year. But, that was before his amazing preseason performance. Here are the main reasons why Bortles should start right away.


Did you see Bortles in the first preseason game against the Bucs? He threw 7 of 11 passes for almost 120 yards. In last night’s game, he did pretty much the same thing, but even better– 11 of 17, for 160 yards. Bortles has only played two NFL games and he’s already racking up stats that some veteran QB’s can’t even boast about.

I understand that Bortles completed these numbers against the Bears’ backup defenders, but it’s still impressive.

Of course, Henne had a good game Thursday night, too. He completed 12 of 17 passes for about 130 yards, and a touchdown.


Yes, Bortles is a rookie. Yes, he left UCF early for the NFL. None of this this means he is not mature. Bortles does not have experience like Henne does playing in the NFL, but he sure knows how to find his targets and  throw the football in a way that makes fans cheer. Isn’t that all you need in a QB?

Bortles has an exceptional amount of knowledge for the game. He can read the opposing defense, shift to the pocket gracefully, and launch a rocket into the hands of a receiver in such ease that it’s almost incomprehensible. Have I gone too far?

Just watch footage from Thursday’s game, if you haven’t already.

He’s Not Chad Henne

You knew that, right? As I mentioned before, Henne has peaked, he has reached his ceiling. Bortles isn’t even close to his peak yet, and that’s the beauty of it. Bortles can make better throws than Henne, he has better accuracy, and he’s so passionate about the game that he will get even better.

Although it’s only been twice that we’ve seen Bortles in real game action, if he keeps this up, the Jaguars wouldn’t be able to sit him out. Unless of course, they want to lose this season.

The Bortles ball is in your court, Jacksonville. Take advantage of it.