Greg Schiano: We’ll Get It Fixed

Bucs_Schiano_2013For the second straight week, the Buccaneers lost on a field goal in the final seconds by the opposition and, also for the second straight week, their loss came after making a mountain of unforced errors in the 59-plus minutes leading up to the fateful kick.

There were 10 penalties this time, down from 13 in the opener against the Jets, and multiple timeouts burned as the team failed to get the right players on the field in a timely manner against the Saints. The mix of disorganization and indiscipline was too much to overcome and coach Greg Schiano vowed after the game that the the team would get things on a better path.

“It’s very disappointing, and, again, it falls on me. It’s my job to make sure that our staff and our players understand those procedural things, and I’m not getting it done,” Schiano said in his postgame press conference. “I’m going to get it done, and we will get it done. I’ll get my staff, and we’ll all get it fixed, and the players — we’ll get it fixed. This is a good football team. We’ll be back.”