George Seifert Happy to Represent 49ers in Hall of Fame

George Seifert was born and raised in San Francisco and his love for the 49ers started young. In high school, he worked as an usher for the games and then after years of college and professional football, he coached the team from 1986-1996.

Recently, Seifert has been inducted into the Hall of Fame and it comes at a time when the new stadium has it’s new location in Santa Clara. That doesn’t seem to bother him, though. According to the San Francisco 49ers Media Department, Seifert enjoys being a part of all three stadiums throughout the team’s history.

Kezar as a fan and as a high school player myself playing games in Kezar, and then working and coaching at Candlestick. And then being fortunate enough to be inducted in the new stadium. So, it kind of goes one, two, three.”

Seifert is a big fan of head coach Jim Harbaugh and all that he’s done with the team. He says that bringing the team to championship games in such a short period of time is very impressive and he’s happy to have witnessed it.

Seifert has talked to Harbaugh personally, though he says it’s not very often that they chat.

The Hall of Famer is pretty excited to have this new title and he says that first foremost, he is just happy to be representing such a great period of time.

“It was a special period in the history of the organization. And then obviously the fact that I grew up a San Francisco 49ers fan and to be in the Hall of Fame with players that were kind of my idol in a way, too, in R.C. Owens and on and on, Joe Perry. And then to be in the Hall of Fame with the fellows that I worked with as the coach, players and coaches. Coach [Bill] Walsh, and others that are in the Hall of Fame. So, yeah, it’s special.”

Seifert reminisces on the greatest moment in his coaching career and he says, without any hesitation, the 49ers game in 2957 against the Detroit Lions sticks out to him the most.

“Well, certainly, had you been at the 49ers game in 1957 where there was such disappointment following the loss to Detroit that would enable the team to go onto the playoffs. And then to be with the team when we won our first Super Bowl, and actually beat Dallas that championship game. And then the mood of the city following that game as opposed to the game in 1957, that was special. And “The Catch” was great. The tackle was great, [former 49ers CB] Eric Wright’s tackle of [former Cowboys WR] Drew Pearson that saved my rear end was special.”

It seems there might be a bit of pressure on Seifert for following in the footsteps of Bill Walsh, but he doesn’t wan’t it any other way.

“In many respects, obviously I’ve heard that often, when I worked for Bill as an assistant, that was pressure. But, I would not have wanted it any other way. I probably developed most as a coach during that period. And probably the most enjoyable period of my coaching career was coaching with Bill as an assistant. When I became the head coach, I was a part of the development of the way we operated. So, it was like a natural flow. And yeah, you sense the pressure, but it wasn’t any more than when I was an assistant coach.”