Bucs’ Freeman, Schiano Deny Bad Blood

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano and Josh Freeman

The New Orleans Saints are coming to town this weekend and for once it’s not the main attraction — at least not to the fans anyway.

There’s been speculation of bad blood between head coach Greg Schiano and his starting quarterback, Josh Freeman.

There was a ‘players-only’ meeting in which, according to a report, questions arose over possible vote-rigging by Schiano that prevented Freeman from becoming a captain.

While the players-only meeting did happen, Freeman said it had nothing to do with the captain’s vote and he trusts his head coach’s word.

“I got a call from my agent yesterday, and he was asking about it; that was the first I had heard somebody said something about Coach rigging the ballots or something. Coach would not do that. I’ve got 100% confidence. That’s a big thing with coach: trust and accountability. Of course, I trust Coach.”

Freeman also addressed another topic that surfaced yesterday about him missing the annual team photo last week.

“I overslept, point blank,” said Freeman, who claimed he was up the night before talking to some of his teammates. He acknowledged it wasn’t a good luck for the face of the franchise.

“The position of quarterback is a position of leadership, and, obviously, missing the team photo is a big deal. But it’s been funny, the response from my teammates, they’ve been cool with it. I think they listen to you guys a lot more than I do, but it’s something that I feel badly about.

It wasn’t the first time Freeman’s been late or missed a function, although Schiano said he isn’t the only one who’s had issues with punctuality.

“There are things that he’s been late for, there are things a lot of players have been late for. My whole thing is there’s no excuses just excused absences. I’ll leave it at that without going in to our internal way that we handle things, but he wouldn’t be the only one who’s been late for something.”

Schiano believes the team has moved past it.

“That was dealt with by me, internally, and we’ve moved on. That was a long time ago in football days. But I know that you guys have a job to do and that story came out. That’s all there was to it, he overslept and missed the picture.”