Examining the Dynamic Between Schiano and Freeman

Bucs QB Josh Feeman Greg Schiano


Tuesday afternoon, I joined Tuck & O’Neill to talk about the alleged rift between Bucs head coach Greg Schiano and Josh Freeman, if the reports in the national media are warranted, and where they stem from.

We go back to the end of last season when Schiano declared a need for more quarterback competition, the Bucs’ decision to select a quarterback in the third round of the draft, and Mike Glennon’s amount of playing time in the preseason versus Freeman.

Freeman, being a player that struggles with consistency, could have benefitted from more reps during that time period. Was this well-thought out by Schiano?

Then, of course, you have the captain story. There were reports that Schiano may have rigged the voting of team captains, something he vehemently denied, and then reports that Freeman missed the team photo.

Missing a team photo reflects poorly on Freeman as a leader, no doubt, but typically that stuff stays in-house and it’s never reported. It’s peculiar how it got out, as it did.

I talk about one-on-one conversations I’ve had with both Schiano and Freeman, including Schiano expressing his desire to adjust his coaching style to fit NFL players upon the advice of some veterans, and how Freeman is still 100% committed to the Buccaneers and loves being in Tampa Bay.

We also talked about safety Dashon Goldson’s suspension (which has since been overturned) and if it was warranted.

You can listen to everything here:

With all this being said, does this alleged rift between Schiano and Freeman get repaired? Does Freeman finish out the season as the Bucs starting quarterback? Hit me up on Twitter @JennaLaineBucs or on Facebook.