Eli Manning Post-Practice Update: “I Felt Good”


New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning spoke to the media Thursday after OTA’s. He addressed his injury and what he expects for the upcoming season.

Re: ankle
A: Today is seven weeks (since the procedure), I felt good. Practiced the last two days doing everything so I’m excited to be back out there learning the offense and getting going.

Q: When did you know that you were full-go, that you could do everything?
A: The last few weeks I have been doing most things from a practice standpoint. Running, doing roll outs, still being smart with some things, not trying to overdo it, not trying to have consecutive days where you’re doing a lot of pounding, a lot of jumping and landing on it. I’m doing the other football activities; I feel I can do them all full.

Q: Did you plan on taking some days off here because you said you don’t want to pound on it too much?
A: I don’t plan on taking days off. This week, three practices in a row. Most weeks you’ll have two and then a day off and then two more. We’re seeing how it responded and today, no swelling after practice, no discomfort, no issues. Just keep going about our business, keep getting better out there on the field and take it one day a time and see how it feels.

Q: Did you surprise yourself at all? I know you haven’t had a surgery like this before?
A: No, I think this was kind of my goal, to be back for OTAs. I had the surgery, it would be about seven weeks from the day until the first OTA so I was hoping… they said it was a six-week, after the surgery it was going to be six weeks. They didn’t really tell me if it was six weeks until I could start doing things or six weeks until I’m full speed. They said six weeks, so I kind of had it in my head that I should be ready. I knew early on after three weeks that I was feeling pretty good and could do a few things and was hoping that it could continue to heal quickly so I could be back for OTAs.

Q: Did your urgency have anything to do with the new offense, the new system? Do you think if this were last year, the year before, you would have sat?
A: I always want to be out there. I think this year, yeah, having a new offense made me want to be out with the team, out running plays. Just the little things, calling the play in the huddle, hearing the play call and being able to visualize it quickly. If you miss part of it, you have to figure out what it is just by knowledge of the offense. All of those things are important. It’s one thing to watch it from the sideline and think you know it spot-on, but sometimes you’ve got to be right there at the line of scrimmage and have to make important calls and changes and checks and reads. I thin it’s very important for me to be out there and I wanted to be out there as soon as possible to get going for this offense.

Q: Now that you’re on the field with the offense, what are your early thoughts about it?
A: It’s been a learning experience, learning a new offense. Some different timed stuff, different protections. I like everything, everything makes sense. I feel good about how these last couple days have gone. It’s not perfect, there are things that need to be improved. I thought the last two days there have been some good plays. There have been some things where I felt in good rhythm with the offense and what we’re trying to do. We’re at the very early stages. I like where we’re heading and the options that this offense gives the quarterback and the whole team to be successful.

Q: How would you compare how your ankle feels today with how it felt maybe during those Duke workouts or when you were in the process of deciding that surgery was the best option?
A: It feels a lot better. That’s why we did the surgery, because there was some discomfort. In running and doing drills I would notice it at times where, at this point, I don’t notice it. I’m out there worried about football and not thinking one bit about my ankle. I know it definitely was the right decision to get this done and to knock it out where I won’t have any more issues that I’ll have to deal with later on in the season, something flaring back up. I’m excited that I got it done and also excited, that was my biggest concern about doing it when we did it, I thought I might miss some time in OTAs and I didn’t want to. The fact that I healed up quickly, got back for these OTAs, makes me feel confident that we made the right decision.

Q: Did you have to have conversations with people to get yourself on the field? I’m sure there was some resistance by people who wanted you rested.
A: We just took it, we never had an exact timetable for when I would return. I wanted to make it back for OTAs but the trainers never said, ‘No, you’re not going to be back for OTAs.’ We took it week by week and kept doing more and more as I was able to do certain things and not have pain or discomfort so at about three weeks, I was out here doing some drops, did maybe 15 or 20 drops and felt good. Was able to run around and kept kind of taking the steps to hopefully get back to this point.

Q: Jerry Reese said at one point that he thought you would be out for the spring, you would likely be out for the OTAs and mini camp. Was that something the team told you, ‘Hey, it’s only mini camp, maybe we should take it slow?’
A: I knew we were going to be able to be smart with it and not rush back just to get back for OTAs and mini camp if I wasn’t ready or where I’d have setbacks. That was kind of the whole goal, not to have any setbacks. We haven’t, everything has gone smoothly. We’ll continue to monitor it and be smart. I still have work to do and rehab to do to get things stronger but I’m excited to be back out there with the team.

SOURCE: New York Giants Media