Ed Reed Not Living Up To Texans’ Expectations

Ed_Reed_Houston_2013Among the many disappointing aspects of the Texans season — and they are legion — the money they seem to have wasted on Ed Reed is among the most stark.

Signed to a three-year, $15 million deal this offseason, Reed didn’t even start the last game, and is playing fewer and fewer snaps as the season goes on.

He’s still listed as a starter, but last week, Shiloh Keo and D.J. Swearinger took the first snap, and most of them against the Colts.

Since he missed the first two games, he’s yet to be a part of a win with the Texans and he’s also still waiting on his first interception, sack or pass defensed.

Source: Darin Gnatt, NBC Sports, Pro Football Talk