Don’t Tell Mike Evans He’s Fast, He Already Knows

Mike Evans

During the second day of training camp, Mike Evans seemed a little off. He dropped some passes and looked a little rusty. But, that isn’t stopping him from moving forward.

(On taking advantage of having multiple tall receivers)
“First off, our quarterback, he sees our frame and he’s going to throw it up there and give us a chance to make a play for him. Scheme-wise, whoever’s in there is going to have to make a play. We have a lot of good guys on this team, a lot of good receivers and we just have to make plays.”

(On the receiving corps having underrated speed)
“Including myself, I’m a very fast guy as you know. We have a lot of speed guys, a lot of slot guys that can run and make plays after the catch.”

(On the excitement of the offense)
“It’s exciting. It’s a lot of complex stuff. Being a professional, you have to be right there at the right time or you’re not going to make the play. It’s real instructional.”

(On working on releases off the line of scrimmage)
“It’s real technical, [wide receivers] Coach Stoker [wide receivers coach Andrew Hayes] , we work releases all of the time. Even in walkthrough we work releases and I found out today, [cornerback] Alterraun [Verner] was right there and he didn’t budge, I gave him so many moves and he didn’t budge. You have to be real technical and give it all you got.”

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media