Dolphins Mailbag: Is Joe Philbin on the Hot Seat?

Sports Talk Florida returns once again with its weekly Miami Dolphins mailbag. Readers provided some great questions this week that will undoubtedly pique your interest looking ahead to the 2014 NFL season.

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I actually posted an article about a week ago noting that, while Philbin hasn’t done a terrible job in Miami, he is likely entering this season in a do-or-die situation.

The Dolphins have made the playoffs just twice this century, with the last berth coming in 2008. While you can certainly make the case that Philbin’s Dolphins teams haven’t been constructed to legitimately challenge in the always competitive AFC East, NFL coaches aren’t given much leeways these days and two mediocre seasons in Miami doesn’t work in his favor.

Add in the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin mess that he, being the head coach, is at least a little responsible for, and his tenure with the Dolphins hasn’t exactly been a good one. If you’re Philbin how do you salvage your job and improve a rock-bottom reputation? You clinch a playoff berth.

Chicks dig quarterbacks. What more is there to say?

Our final question came from Facebook…
So if [Dion Jordan] doesn’t perform this year, is he officially a bust? Who cares what your 40 time is if you can’t make plays? Didn’t he have like 4 sacks as a junior? Typical scouts choosing potential over proven play
– Michael (McKinney, TX)

Sometimes talent isn’t enough, and based on Jordan’s apparent PED use, it’s possible he understood that too. He had a rough time earning playing time last season, playing just 339 snaps on defense with two sacks.

That wasn’t exactly what everyone expected out of the former Oregon Duck. It certainly wasn’t what the Dolphins expected when they traded up from No. 12 and spent last year’s third overall pick on him. As you pointed out though, scouts can get hooked on potential rather than proven ability and right now, Jordan is well on his way to becoming a bust.

I don’t know if a flop this season makes him a surefire bust. However, he’d be well on his way and this latest mark on his record will not help him get on the field over Olivier Vernon when he’s able to return from his suspension.