Tuck: Dolphins in Need of a T.O.

The Miami Dolphins are 0-6.  I do not think they are the worst team in the NFL despite not having a win yet.  In fact, I am not sure they are won of the 5 worst teams even though it feels that way. 

The converse arguement would be that when Detroit was 5-0 I didn’t think they were the best team or one of the 5 best.  I think time will prove both opinions true. 

Either way, Miami is not a playoff team in 2011.  They are disjointed.  They have suffered injuries.  They are misled.  They are going nowhere fast.  From what I could see, when Tim Tebow’s game-winning field goal sailed through the uprights, wait, what?…Tebow didn’t kick it?  Well, excuse me, Matt Prater’s field goal was good, I actually saw fans in the stands wearing Dolphins jerseys cheering?!?!

When your own fans are cheering against you, you need to do something to stir the drink.  Enter T.O.

Owens tore his ACL 6 months ago, but held a workout wanting to play this year.  He looked pretty good.  I say, “why not?”

The Dolphins just had a Florida Gators celebration to draw fans into the stands.  They clearly aren’t above antics to generate buzz and sell tickets.  T.O. would create some buzz and interest for certain!

Could you imagine the mental magnitude of having T.O. and lil T.O. (Brandon Marshall) on the field together? 

There is already as much interest on the Dolphins sidelines watching the beautiful cheerleaders is there is on the bad football team on the field, this could actually create more interest in both areas! 

Who will attack Matt Moore first, Owens or Marshall?  Or will they attack each other?  Or maybe a coach?  Sporano?  The possibilities are endless! 

Owens should go to a team like Chicago, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, Washington, Baltimore, or San Diego.  He could help them win if he is healthy. 

But Miami just seems like the more perfect spot.  The guy who has often been clown can join the biggestthree-ring circus of an organization in the NFL.  It wouldn’t even matter if he was healthy or unable to finish out the season.  He’d get his wish to keep playing, we (the media) would give him more spotlight, and Miami would sell more tickets in what is a lost, humbling, confusing, and embarrassing season.

And if they can’t get T.O., maybe someone can call Brett Favre.