Does Kaepernick Extension Open Door for Harbaugh?

Jim Harbaugh
Now that Colin Kaepernick has a new deal with the San Francisco 49ers, it seems that coach Jim Harbaugh’s should be next, right?

Wrong. According to Pro Football Talk, Kaepernick’s contract is worth “up to” $126 million with $61 million guaranteed. That’s a pretty hefty raise from his rookie contract and it’s obvious that the organization is truly committed to him.

Mike Florio points out that if the team paid him $50 million over the next three years, Harbaugh would have considerable leverage for a new contract. Doesn’t it make sense to pay up for Harbaugh? A team makes a significant investment in a quarterback that Harbaugh picked and built up, but leaves him in the dust?

The 49ers need Harbaugh to help justify the commitment they just made to Kaepernick.

This still leaves lots of question marks. With the new deal being year-to-year, the 49ers have flexibility to move on from both Harbaugh and Kaepernick, if the y find a new coach that wants to go in his own direction with the offense.

So, it seems Kaepernick’s extension doesn’t give any sort of comfort to Harbaugh.

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