Documents: Hernandez Told Friend of Lloyd’s Killing

A friend of Aaron Hernandez told investigators that the former New England Patriots tight end admitted to shooting Odin Lloyd, according to documents obtained by the Associated Press.

Carlos Ortiz, one of the men alleged to have been with Hernandez the night of June 17 when Lloyd was killed, says Hernandez told Ernest Wallace the day after the shooting that he pulled the trigger. Wallace is also alleged to have been with the three men.

Ortiz told police that that, after picking up Lloyd, the four men drove to North Attleborough and Hernandez voiced his displeasure with whom Lloyd had been associating with.

He believed the two men had settled their dispute, but shortly after, Hernandez, Wallace, and Lloyd got out of the vehicle to urinate.

Ortiz said he heard gunshots while the men were outside. Hernandez and Wallace then returned to the vehicle without Lloyd and sped off.

The documents also reveal that a vehicle sought in connection to a 2012 homicide that killed two men — Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu — was found in Hernandez’ hometown of Bristol, Connecticut while police were investigating Lloyd’s killing. It was rented in Hernandez’ name.

Wallace was arrested 10 days ago in Miramar, Florida. The documents were used to obtain a search warrant of Wallace’s home in connection to Lloyd’s death. He faces an accessory to murder charge and has pleaded not guilty.

Other details revealed in the 156 pages of documentation include an account from a witness who was sitting in his car approximately 200 yards away from the industrial park where Lloyd was shot and killed.

The witness, who was working an overnight shift and was on his regularly-scheduled break between 3:00 a.m. and 3:30 a.m., reported hearing three gunshots and a car door slamming, according to a report from USA Today, which revealed some interesting nuggets…

Ortiz’ attorney , John Connors, said that Ortiz knew Hernandez through brother D.J. Hernandez, now the tight ends coach at the University of Iowa. The two played basketball together as high school freshmen in Bristol, Connecticut.

Hernandez girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, told police she believed Lloyd was a marijuana dealer, that his phone was constantly ringing, and she suspected his conversations were about marijuana sales.

A search of Hernandez’ home yielded a rifle and ammunition, along with a safe that contained a scale and a plate — presumed drug paraphernalia.

Witnesses told police that on the night of June 14, when Hernandez and Lloyd were seen arguing at Rumor Nightclub in Boston, Hernandez appeared to have a handgun in his waistband.

According to police ballistic experts, the .45 caliber casings found near Odin Lloyd’s body that were also found in a car rented by Hernandez were fired from the same .45 caliber handgun. The weapon used in Lloyd’s killing has not been recovered.