Demar Dotson is Proud of Teammates for Playing Through Tough Times

Right tackle Demar Dotson went for the Reese's flavored ice cream

After Monday’s practice, Buccaneers’ tackle Damar Doston spoke about how the offensive line can be successful this season.

(On what it will take for the offensive line to be successful)
“I think getting to know each other and just working through tough times, through injuries and coming out here no matter what’s wrong with you because fingers are going hurt, you’re going to have problems, but last year those group of guys played through pain and injury or whatever was wrong – you had to have something seriously wrong with you not to come out here.”

(On if was tough personally losing his teammates this offseason)
“Not personally because you realize that’s part of the game, guys come and go, but I was with those guys for all those years and when you see them go, it just brings it to a reality that my day is coming one day too, but those guys were so great and were so good for this team for many years and can’t anybody say one bad thing about them.”

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Media