Darrelle Revis to DeSean Jackson: “I’m Not Running in the Olympics”


Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis is giving much thought to some comments made this week by DeSean Jackson about his speed.

Revis told reporters Wednesday, “I’m not here to discuss who’s the fastest. I’m not running for the Olympics and he’s not either. I’m just here to compete and play.”

The Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, who will face off against Revis Sunday, told PhillyMag.com, “I don’t think he can run with me, I don’t think he’s as fast as me.”

Revis took it in stride. “I’m not fast. I’ve never been fast. I’m not fast; he’s fast. Fast people are allowed to say those types of things.”

The last time the two squared off, in December of 2011, the Eagles pounded the Jets 45-19. Jackson, however, was limited to just two catches for 28 yards, suggesting that the All-Pro cornerback can hang with him just fine.

“I did in the past. It’s no problem,” said Revis on keeping pace with the 4.35 speedster out of Cal who was just named NFC offensive player of the week.

Of course that 2011 game was prior to Revis’ season-ending knee injury last year, a torn ACL. He made it back in time to start the season opener but said he’s still not where he wants to be.

“I feel like I’m not there yet. I’ve still got to improve. It’s a long process with an ACL injury. The good thing about it is that I’m improving every week and just trying to get better…that’s all.”

Jackson doesn’t believe the injury impacted Revis much and is prepared for the challenge of facing one of the best cornerbacks in the league.

“He’s playing ball. He’s a great player…I love facing guys that have the ability to be a shutdown corner,” said Jackson.

“Anytime you have guys like that going into games, it gets the best out of you. You want to step your game up.”

Jackson noted that this time around will be a bit different than when Revis was a Jet because he’s lining up inside and playing more in a Cover 2 defense. Jackson’s also in a new offensive system under Chip Kelly.

“Their up-tempo [approach], it’s tough. Trust me, I’ve played against Tom Brady and some of their no-huddle and their fast-paced offenses at time,” Revis said, noting that tempo has been emphasized heavily this week in practice.

“We’re going to come out there and play aggressive football. We’re going to come out there and attack people. That’s what we want to do — we play aggressive.”

Just not with their mouths, of course. And at 0-4, Revis and the Bucs really have no business engaging in some trash talk.

As for Jackson’s need to assert himself as the fastest man on the field, perhaps he might consider a pre-game race with an actual Olympian — Bucs running back Jeff Demps.