Dallas’ Ware, Bryant Had Heated Interaction

Cowboys_Dez_Bryant_2013The NFL has not released the audio of Dez Bryant’s interactions with Jason Witten or DeMarcus Ware, and Ware told the Fort Worth Star Telegram today that his own discussion with Bryant was heated.

Although Ware stressed that he likes Bryant and considers him a great teammate, he also said he had to calm Bryant down late in the game.

“To get respect, you’ve got to give respect to others,” Ware said. “Me and Dez, we’re really close to each other, and he’s a great dude, a great player. Sometimes things get heated on the sideline because we’re competitors. He’s a great competitor. There’s a time and place for everything. Everything is behind us now, and it’s on to the Vikings.”

Ware said he was trying to make Bryant focus on the game while Bryant was ranting and raving on the sideline after Matthew Stafford gave the Lions a go-ahead touchdown with 12 seconds left.

Source: Michael David Smith, NBC Sports, Pro Football Talk