Dallas Police Issue Apology, Aqib Talib Not Arrested


The Dallas Police Department has issued a retraction on an arrest it publicized on Twitter Sunday due to a major error — it reported that Aqib Talib, forrmer Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback, who is now with the Denver Broncos, had been arrested. The problem was, he hadn’t been arrested. It was his brother, Yaqub Talib.

Starting at 9:53 a.m., Lieutenant Max Geron, who is responsible for media relations for the Dallas Police Department, issued the following tweets:  

Numerous media outlets ran with Geron’s tweet. After all, Talib has had a number of run-ins with the law throughout his seven seasons in the NFL, including assaulting a St. Petersburg cab driver while he was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and assault with a deadly weapon, which was later dropped due to witness credibility.

But did anyone try to get in touch with Talib’s agent, Todd France to verify the arrest?

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio spoke to France. He said that it was Talib’s brother, Yaqub, who was arrested and is still in custody. In fact, the Broncos star cornerback was still in bed, according to France.

While an apology was issued by the department, it’s troubling that there would be this type of communication breakdown between law enforcement and a public information officer, particularly when a PIO has readily-accessible police reports.

Also troubling is that the word #BREAKING was used multiple times, along with the hashtag #NFL which makes it appear as if those tweets were a bit self-serving, rather than informing the public — the sole reason law enforcement should be on social media to begin with.