Dallas Cowboys Are Damaging the Shield

There’s never a good time for an NFL player, or citizen for that matter to get arrested. If there ever was a good time it would have been last week. With the sports world fixated on alleged serial killer Aaron Hernandez, Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent’s latest arrest has mostly flown under the radar.

As damaging to “The Shield” of the NFL (and society as a whole) as Aaron Hernandez’s alleged sociopathic behavior has been, the Dallas Cowboys may be damaging it as much by continuing to employ Josh Brent.

To set the stage, back in December Josh Brent was allegedly driving while intoxicated while he was involved in a crash which claimed the life of teammate Jerry Brown.

“I am devastated and filled with grief,” Brent said in a statement. “Filled with grief for the loss of my close friend and teammate, Jerry Brown. I am also grief-stricken for his family, friends and all who were blessed enough to have known him.

“I will live with this horrific and tragic loss every day for the rest of my life. My prayers are with his family, our teammates and his friends at this time.”

This is the type of life altering situation that could make a young man divert his course. Instead of thanking everyone under the sun that he’s not currently residing in a 7-by-7 foot cell, Brent is continuing to make poor decisions in his life.

Last week Josh Brent failed his second marijuana test which has landed himself back in jail, just seven months after the horrific accident which claimed the life of his best friend.

The NFL’s marijuana policy is about as “don’t ask, don’t tell” as anything in the league this side of the HGH controversy. It’s pretty much understood that players will smoke it and it usually isn’t that big of a deal….unless you are drug tested by a court of law and your freedom is determined upon urinating into a cup cleanly.

It’s become abundantly clear that Josh Brent simply doesn’t get it. If a manslaughter charge involving his friend won’t straighten him out then it’s doubtful that anything will.

What is possibly even more troubling is the Dallas Cowboys position on the matter as they are letting “the legal process play out.” Despite the NFL having a nearly 50 percent lower arrest rate than the rest of America, the thug perception of NFL players takes a hit when there are repeat offenders whether it’s the unthinkable murder charges to an Aaron Hernandez down to “simple” DUI arrests. When a team like the Dallas Cowboys does nothing to wash its hands of a fringe player like Josh Brent after his numerous missteps it puts a black eye on that notorious underachieving franchise and the entire league in general.

Jerry Jones is a great business leader and one of the most successful people in America. Cowboys Stadium, which is a monstrosity to some, represents all things capitalistic in the great state of Texas (and perhaps some of the excess that gives Americans our reputation among foreigners). Jerry Jones isn’t a man who gets pressured to do things he doesn’t want to do. At the same token to achieve the level of success that he has, he must have taken advice from those he trusts somewhere along the way.

It’s time for advice to be given, whether it be from a fellow NFL owner or Commissioner Roger Goodell for Jerry Jones to part ways with Josh Brent. For Brent’s sake, for the Cowboys sake and for the sake of the entire NFL.

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