Dallas Becomes the First U.S. Sports Team Worth Over $3 Billion

The Boys are worth over three billion dollars
The Boys are worth over three billion dollars

Forbes Magazine’s List of the Most Valuable Franchises in the NFL saw the Dallas Cowboys become the first United States sports franchise to be worth $3.2 billion in overall value. Locally the Miami Dolphins were 16th on the list with a value of $1.3 billion, the Tampa Bay Bucs are worth $1.225 billion good enough for 18th on the list and the states third NFL franchise the Jacksonville Jaguars logged in at 29th valued at $965 million dollars.

A point of note is that while the Jags seem to be a constant topic when it comes to teams moving because of lack of support and financial considerations. They are valued higher than the Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bill and the St. Louis Rams.

The top five franchises on the list have Dallas at the top followed by the New England Patriots worth $2.6 billion, the Washington Redskins at $2.4 billion, the New York Giants valued at $2.1 billion dollars and rounding out the top five was the Houston Texans worth an estimated $1.85 billion.

The NFL East is the highest valued division in the NFL with Dallas, Washington, the New Giants all in the top five and the Philadelphia Eagles coming in at $1.75 billion, good for 7th overall on the Forbes list.

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