Could The Goal Posts In NFL Narrow?

Goal Post

As Mike Florio of NBC Sports Pro Football Talk writes, the NFL could narrow it’s goal posts in an effort to make the extra point tries more competitive.

Falcons CEO Rich McKay addressed the aforementioned idea at a press conference yesterday.

“We have talked about that a lot this year,” McKay said. “We have looked at it and I think it will be something that will be talked about a lot going forward. Really, that discussion gets a little past the extra point and starts getting to the actual field goal statistics themselves. We are at a place where field goals are made 86.6 percent of the time. Which is really an amazing thing because in 1970 that number was around 59 percent. We have really moved up. We have had some really good discussions about that. I do not think there is enough momentum to do it this year, but I think there will be discussions with the goal post going forward.”