Top Comeback Candidates Who You Should Draft


Fantasy football comeback candidates are players you should draft in order to give you a competitive edge over other owners in your league.

Did you spend and waste a high draft pick in your fantasy football draft on a player, but to only see them bring utter disappointment to your expectations?

Did this player who brought anger and frustration due to their awful performances every week deny you the chances of landing a playoff spot in your league?

Did you vow, no matter how cheap or how late you can select this player in future drafts, you swore you would never draft this player in any fantasy football league ever again?

Well, if you did, do not fret because there is always this season for them to turn it around and be proclaimed as comeback candidates.

Despite of what your feelings are towards the following players, these are the players who are poised to turn it around in the upcoming 2014 season after finishing the previous year on a sour note.

Here are the top comeback candidates in fantasy football in 2014.

RB Arian Foster Houston Texans

Arian Foster

After Foster encountered his back injury last season, he pondered retirement because he was scared about any future problems which might occur if he continued to play. Foster decided against hanging up his cleats and the 27 year old looks to make a comeback in his seventh season in the NFL.   Foster only started in seven games last season, but when he was on the field, he was one of the best running backs in the game. Foster is heading into the 2014 season undervalued due to the fact many are worried about his health. I have seen Foster fall as far as the third round in drafts.  This revelation is an absolute stunner based on him  potentially evolving to a top-10 running back at the end of the season. Foster is in for a significant playing time with the departure of Ben Tate and he will once again be the main focus for the Texans on offense. Foster is primed to have a comeback season if he can stay healthy especially considering he has the third easiest schedule for running backs.

WR Danny Amendola New England Patriots 

Danny Amendola

Amendola was supposed to replace the production of Wes Welker when he departed from the Patriots to sign with the Denver Broncos last season.  However, the constant theme of Amendola of being injury prone proved true yet again.  Amendola played in only twelve games in 2013 in a season plagued by injuries.  However, when he was on the field, it appeared he was on his way of becoming a super-star while having Tom Brady as his quarterback.  Amendola has done everything during the off-season to find new ways to keep himself durable throughout the regular season such as working with Brady’s trainer Alex Guerrero.  In retrospect, Guerrero trained with Julian Edelman before last season and he posted a season in which he hauled in more than 100 receptions.  Anything is possible right?  If Amendola can stay healthy, he can emerge as a top-10 wide receiver because I highly doubt the Patriots would really want Edelman to be that heavily involved in their offense in 2014.  His average draft position has him in the late tenth round, but if he is able to grow a strong rapport with Brady, he can one of the biggest steals in this years draft.

QB Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins

Robert Griffin

This is one of the most obvious players to be deemed as a comeback candidate in 2014.   A new regime is in place in Washington with new head coach Jay Gruden  after having several clashes with Mike Shannon last season.  The Redskins acquired DeSean Jackson during the off-season to add to Griffin’s arsenal that already included Pierre Garcon, Jordan Reed, and Alfred Morris.  With all of the offensive weapons for Griffin to play with, he is due for a break-out performance in 2014.

RB Doug Martin Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Doug Martin

Martin was plagued by a shoulder injury in 2013 that ended his season in week five.  It was revealed he had a torn labrum which prevented him to repeat the same success he had in his rookie campaign.  However, it appears Martin has fully recovered from his shoulder injury and the Buccaneers revamped their entire roster.  They bolstered their offensive line during the off-season while adding the underrated veteran quarterback Josh McCown and they selected the talented wide receiver Mike Evans during the NFL draft.  Martin, who was labeled a bust last season after being a top-five selection in most drafts, can become one of the better stories of the 2014 campaign if  his comeback season is proved true.


Julio Jones

His broken foot is completely healed and according to him, he has the same speed he had prior to his  injury.  Jones is an elite wide receiver and there should not be any doubts in your mind he cannot return to his glory days.  Matt Ryan is going to love having him back and so should fantasy football owners.