Colin Kaepernick’s New Tattoo: Money is Root of All Evil

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kapernick is showing off his new ink and it’s not the ink written on his $126 million contract with the Niners. His newest wet ink is on his side and it’s a tattoo that depicts a biblical image.

According to his Instagram page, Kaepernick’s new tattoo is a depiction of a snake and an apple, with money on a tree. The description of the photo says, “money is the root of all evil!”

This is obviously not Kaepernick’s first and only tattoo, as seen above, but it is interesting that he would get a tattoo declaring that money is bad when he is pretty close to being one of the highest paid athletes in the NFL.

On his Twitter account, he tries to explain that he thinks money is evil when you place it above everything else in life. In other words, just because he makes millions, doesn’t mean that’s what he holds as most important in his life.

According to his Twitter page, his tattoo took many hours to complete. Ouch…