Chip Kelly Has No Complaints

Eagles_Chip_2013Will some NFL defenses fake injuries to slow down the Eagles’ fast-paced offense? Probably. Will Chip Kelly complain about it? No.

When Kelly was asked about talk that the Chiefs might have been faking defensive injuries on Thursday night, he nipped it in the bud and said that’s simply not an issue he’s going to address. Kelly said he has too many issues to deal with on his own team and won’t get into the business of questioning other teams.

“Never, ever going to get into that,” Kelly said, via “We need to execute better and not turn the football over. That’s the least of my worries right now.”

Philly fans began booing when Chiefs starting cornerback Sean Smith went down with an injury on Thursday night, but it wouldn’t make any sense for Smith to fake an injury. When defenses fake injuries, they typically do it to rotate defensive linemen, or to have a linebacker come out for an extra defensive back in the nickel package. If you’re going to cheat by telling a player to pretend he’s hurt, you’re not going to do it with a starting cornerback.