Cheerleader Sues Jets for Unfair Wages

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The Jets are joining the list of teams being sued by cheerleaders for unfair wages. According to Pro Football Talk, the Bengals, Raiders, and the Bills are all on the list of teams who are being brought to court for unpaid wages and reimbursement of work-related expenses.

According to reports, court documents in the Jets lawsuit claimthat cheerleaders only get paid $3.77 an hour, after adding up additional unpaid hours that cheerleaders are forced to work.

The Jets cheerleader claims that they only get paid $150 per game and only $100 for a special. Pro Football Talk calculates that this only adds up to $1.50 an hour since there are other mandatory expenses like hair and makeup.

The league did not comment on this situation but they are following up with the teams to look into it.

For more on this story visit: Josh Alper, Pro Football Talk