Can the NFL Fix Controversial Calls?


According to, the NFL is considering allowing V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino to consult with referees during replay review on the field.

Last month, there were many conversations at the Scouting Combine that suggested that the league has already been trying to give Blandino a chance to prevent an inaccurate replay ruling.

If this actually happens, it may prevent calls like many that were ruled incorrectly in 2013.  It would, of course, be better if they decided to use someone on-site who constantly monitors the TV angles and intervenes not during the formal replay process, but as the rulings on the field are made.

If you watch this video of Blandino explaining a controversial call made during Championship Sunday, it all becomes clear that these issues can actually be prevented.

This video clearly proves that during any controversial call, a quick fix can be made just by simply using an off-field official to tell the referee, through an ear piece, that a big mistake is about to be made. This would, in turn, prevent the bad calls from ever being made.

Blandino’s involvement would certainly implement a standard to be made in every replay review. If there is a procedure for reinforcing the current process, with the addition and benefit of coordinated investigation of the calls in real-time, it will only make the process more successful and crowd pleasing.

Peter King of MMQB says, “This wouldn’t be a cure-all for bad replay decisions, but it would be a safety valve to help prevent horrible calls like the one Jeff Triplette mauled in Cincinnati last season, when he awarded Bengals running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis a touchdown even though he appeared to be down shy of the goal line in the replay.”

In about a month, the NFL owners will have a meeting in Orlando to address this issue and hopefully come to a conclusion.

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