Bucs Rookies Reveal Expectations for Training Camp, the Season

Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie wide receiver Mike Evans and tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins took part in “Rookie Confessional” videos at the recent NFL Rookie Symposium, where they talked about their expectations heading into training camp and for the upcoming season.

“In training camp I want to prove that I deserve to be a starter on the team and I want to create a great relationship with Josh [McCown],” Evans told NFL Media.

For Seferian-Jenkins, camp will be about more than just earning a job. He said he needs to convey his commitment to his teammates.

“I want to prove to the veterans that I care. I want to prove to the veterans that I know that they’re older guys and they’ve figured it out, and I’m not going to be some rookie that’s going to come around, messing around, and doing all this other stuff.”

Seferian-Jenkins only spent four days in Tampa, missing the majority of the offseason due to an NFL rule mandating that he finish his college coursework. Now that classes at the University of Washington are out of the way, football can be his main focus once again.

“I’m going to be strict and ready to go and play hard, play hard in practice, and know that they can count on me in a tight situation. When the game’s on the line and we’re trying to get to a Super Bowl, they can put it on my shoulders and I can help them out.”

As far as goals, both players naturally have high expectations for themselves, but in different ways. Evans recognized the need for an immediate contribution as the seventh-overall pick. “Goal for my rookie season would be to make the playoffs, be the starter, be a starter, make as many plays as possible.”

For Seferian-Jenkins, it’s about day-to-day effort over the course of many years and reaping the benefits.

“My goal for my rookie season is going to be the same goal as it is going to be if I’m lucky enough to be playing 15 years from now, and that’s going to be coming out every single day, every single practice, every single game, and work hard, maximize every single opportunity that I have.”

“I believe with my talent, my skill level and my dedication, I’ll be in a very good place to do that.”