Bucs QB Josh Freeman Not Easily-Rattled by Criticism

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh FreemanIt takes a lot to rattle Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman — at least publicly. Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton couldn’t do it when he called him “God-awful.”

And Muhammad Wilkerson’s remarks this week that he’s ‘easily-rattled’ haven’t thrown him off his game yet either.

Wilkerson told reporters, “You get him off his mark and get him kind of rattled, and he kind of just makes mistakes on his own. It’s not even so much the defense, it’s just him not being comfortable. If we do that, we should definitely be fine and come out with a victory on Sunday.”

Freeman said Wilkerson’s comments don’t provide him with any added motivation, nor do they impact his plan for Sunday against the Jets.

“My preparation isn’t really adjusted. I’m no more motivated by somebody on the Jets saying something than somebody in the media saying something. ”

“It comes from within, the work we do, the coaches. You’ve got to hold it tight, because you can’t let somebody else saying something change the way that you go about your business, otherwise you’re going to change, and you’re going to be off-base in that regard.”

Freeman  enters the fifth and final year of his rookie deal with some uncertainty. The Bucs drafted quarterback Mike Glennon in the third round of this year’s NFL draft.

Head coach Greg Schiano has repeatedly said that this is Freeman’s team, but that certainly hasn’t stopped members of the media from reading between the lines.

On Thursday, Freeman wasn’t elected as one of the team’s five captains, a move that raised some eyebrows.

“People say what they want, but Sundays – that’s a proving ground; that’s where you have to go out and you’ve got to do it. Whatever anybody says, it’s not going to affect how I go about my business and how I play on Sunday.”